Whats New With Got Ass

Whats New With Got Ass

Sunday August 17
The Got Ass girls are back at this crazy show for more madness, more fun and will have all new giveaways!! TWERK MODIFIED!! You can also come get your car wash fast passes!!!
NIAGARA FALLS REUNITED CAR SHOW (Formally Scrape by the Lake)
This is a big one! The great people that brought you scrape is back with a vengeance and this show is going to be what you all expect and more!!
Got ass bikini contest, tons of cars and if you pre register with us you get a discount!!! Register now!!! A few days left!!
Grand Bend White Caps!!
We are back and your not ready...well maybe you are!! This is going to be a party a blast and you all better be there!!! Ladies come to win and fellas come to watch!!! Giveaways, booty and beach!! What more do you need??
THIS IS IT!!! The car wash of the summer..of the year!!
Last year we had 200 cars show up this year we will give back...30 GIRLS!!! A dunk tank, Djs BBQ, and giveaways, raffles, as for the Ballers, we have a VIP fast pass that gets your car in and washed right away!!! DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT!!
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It all starts again! 


 It is THE BEST BOTTOM IN NORTH AMERICA SEARCH, Where for the next year we will be all over from  city to city looking for the best bottoms! There was a winner in the search in all of the cities and  it's time to see who will be crowned the winner of the best in north america! 2013!


If you think you have what it takes make sure you get out to a Best Bottom In North America Search event at a venue near you and take that title!!


We will also be starting along side the Best Bottom In North America Search a NEW contest search...THIS WILL START IN SEPTEMBER. So keep checking here at Gotass to see what the HUGE surprise is!!


WE Will Have NEW updates every MONDAY so check out what you have missed, what's going on in the world of GOTASS!!


New videos, New photos, New events, New surprise announcements is what to expect each week with your favorite booty crew! 


ATTENTION: if you think got ass and the got ass girls should be at a venue in your city, contact us at gotassgirls@yahoo.com. You can also have the got ass girls at your event!! Send us an email and lets get the party started!! 


CHECK out our Got Ass VIDEO page where you can see videos of some of the madness that the got ass party brings! You could be in the video!!


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